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Cheap Skip Hire Near Me in Manchester M2 5 : What You Need to Know

Getting rid of waste materials in Manchester M2 5 is not the chore it could be, thanks to professional waste-management services via regular rubbish collection and council-run tips, but skip hire is a very popular method for those times when there is a lot of waste to dispose of. Skip hire is an affordable way to get your waste transported away from your residential, construction or commercial property in larger quantities than can be handled by a standard rubbish collection.


There is no specific kind of job that skips are more or less suitable for—rather, any work that creates more waste than you can fit in your wheelie bin or the back of your car is a perfect time to call for a skip. Examples of this might include something relatively small like clearing your garden, or something major, like a complete remodelling of part of your home. Skip hire is not just suitable for residential work, of course. Construction sites or commercial buildings that are undergoing work also benefit from this method of waste disposal.

When it comes to finding a skip hire provider, there are plenty of choices across the country. National skip hire firms operate all over, however, there is no shortage of smaller, more regional skip hire firms if you prefer to shop locally for waste managment. Domestic waste mini skip hire provides skips.

When hiring a skip, you will need to determine how large a skip you require. It can be difficult enough gauging how much waste you will be disposing of, but you will also have to take into account the fact that not all kinds of waste can be disposed of in this manner.

Here are some of the items that you cannot dispose of in a typical skip. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Always check with your skip provider if you are unsure.

  • Plasterboard
  • Asbestos
  • Gas cylinders
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Household electronics such as televisions, fridges, computers, etc
  • Tyres
  • Light bulbs
  • Any hazardous waste

It is worth noting that many of the restrictions on what can be disposed of using a skip are determined by law, rather than the individual skip hire firm. For example, it used to be acceptable to dispose of plasterboard in skips; however, certain research found that the construction material emits a dangerous gas when left to decompose in a mixed waste setting. For this reason, a law was passed in 2011 stating that plasterboard must be disposed of separately to other wastes, and skip hire firms have special bags for to put plasterboard material in for this very reason. Bin Bags waste type rubbish removal

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Skip Hire In Manchester Prices

Skip hire prices will vary by region, of course, but there are universal factors that will affect the cost of hiring a skip regardless of where you are in the country even in the north west. Things like skip size, the length of time the skip is needed for and the location. In some areas, a skip hire permit may be required.

Skip Bin Prices by Size

The most significant variable when considering skip pricing is the size of the skip you intend to hire. There is no secret formula here it is simply a case of the larger the skip, the more expensive the cost.

In an effort to keep costs down for their customers, many Manchester skip hire firms will bundle other services in with the basic skip hire, such as recycling.

Of course, there is more to skip pricing that just the size.

Trapezoid Skip Pricing by Region in the UK

The region of the UK in which you live can also make a difference in the cost of skip hire. For example, the south of England is often more expensive than the North, and London is typically more expensive than everywhere.

Council Skip Permit Costs

We alluded to having a skip placed on a public road earlier, and that is relevant when weighing up the total costs of skip hire in some regions of the UK. This is because putting a skip on public land may require a permit. In many cases, a permit will not be necessary if the skip is close enough to your property.

Your skip hire firm may acquire any necessary permits on your behalf and add them to your final bill, but you should check to make sure that is the case rather than getting into trouble with your local council.

Hidden Charges

While there are no "hidden" charges as such, you may be fined if you attempt to dispose of prohibited items in your skip. The list we provided at the top of this page is a good starting point, though you should check with your skip provider for a definitive list of acceptable waste when you hire your skip.

It is also worth noting that some skip providers—particularly those that do hire a lot of skips to commercial projects—may not incorporate VAT (Value-Added Tax) in their initial quote. Any quote will usually say whether or not it includes VAT, but don't hesitate to ask if you are not sure.

Period of Hire

Another critical factor in how much your skip hire will cost is the length of time you need the skip for. Permits also cost more the longer the skip is required, so if you need a permit for your skip, be sure to factor that in as well.

These days, it is possible to get skip hire deals that provide an unlimited term.

Skip Weight

The skip weight refers to the weight that your skip provider takes away, rather than the weight of the skip itself. As a rough guide, each cubic yard on average represents one tonne of weight when loaded.

It is also worth remembering that averages like this don't paint a real picture of how the skip will be when full. If you load your skip entirely with heavy items, it may be overweight, which may result in additional charges. For that reason, it is better to strive for an even distribution of heavy and light waste. There are also weight ratings of the equipment to consider. The trucks that collect your skip may not be able to take a skip that is too heavy.

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Different Uses for Skip Rental

The versatility and convenience of skips make them very popular for waste disposal in the UK. They are a very efficient method for disposing of waste and can be hired in several different sizes to accommodate your needs. This means you should not find yourself with more waste than your skip can hold, or a bill for a large skip when you only have enough waste to fill half of it. The versatile nature of skips means they are suitable for a wide range of jobs, here are a few of the more popular ones;

  • Domestic Use

One of the most common uses for skips is residential renovation and domestic projects.—having construction work carried out on your home, a new bathroom installed, your windows replaced—things like this generate a considerable amount of waste and, as we mentioned above, residential waste disposal systems are not designed to handle that much. Hiring an appropriately sized skip will save you from multiple trips to the local tip—probably making a mess of your car in the process—or leaving a pile of waste on your property for weeks or months as you slowly dispose of it a bit at a time.

  • Driveway and Paving Installation

Building a new driveway or installing new paving in your garden will invariably create a lot of waste material, as it involves digging up the parts of your property where the path or driveway will go. Having a skip onhand provides a designated space for that waste that will not only be easily removable when full but will also help keep the disruption to your property as minimal as possible.

  • Clearance of Unwanted Items

There are several reasons you might need to clear out a lot of old items, such as furniture and personal belongings. Perhaps you have bought a house that is full of junk. Maybe you rented your property out, and your recent tenants left the place in a bit of a mess. Whatever the reason, hiring a skip is the best way to get rid of things like old furniture.

  • Cleaning Up a Garden

Organic waste can be deceptive especially on domestic jobs and garden cleanups. A seemingly small patch of a garden can very quickly turn into a large pile of debris once you start digging so a good waste removal solutions is needed. Cleaning any garden, whether it is for remodelling or just because the garden has gotten a little unruly, will generate a significant amount of waste. Having a skip will make the process of disposing of that waste much smoother.

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Hiring The Correct Skip Size In The UK From Our Range Of Skips

Failing to consider all the factors of skip hire can result in you paying more than you need to, or getting a skip that isn't right for the job you are undertaking.

Skip Hire Sizes

The first step on your path to getting the right skip for your needs is to determine the size of skip you need. This is not necessarily easy, particularly if you don't have much experience working with skips. Getting a skip that is too small may end up costing you will end up needing more than one, whereas a skip that is too large will be a waste of your money if you don't have enough waste to fill it.

You can always ask your skip hire firm for advice on the size of skip you need, but there will inevitably be a little trial and error the first time you hire a skip. In general, small skips are suitable for small gardening projects, and large skips are more suited for larger construction work. Here are the three main sizes of skip you can hire. Please note that this information is based on UK skip firms; the details may vary in other countries.

Mini Skips

As the name suggests, mini skips are one of the smallest options in the skip hire world with a small yd skip good for household waste, and will typically be only a few yards in size. Their small size makes them ideal for smaller jobs, such as minor gardening projects.

  • CONVENIENCE: The UK is not always known for its spacious residential quarters. Many people simply do not have the space to accommodate a large skip on their property, and placing the skip on public land can cause problems with the neighbours. Mini skips take up considerably less space, making them less of an inconvenience wherever you end up putting it.
  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS: The cost-effectiveness of a mini skip depends on what you are comparing it to. If you have a lot of waste to get rid of, a larger skip will typically be more cost-effective than multiple mini skips. However, compared to ferrying your waste to tip over multiple trips, a mini skip is a very practical option.
  • POPULARITY: Mini skips are extremely popular throughout the UK thanks to their smaller size and suitability for jobs like gardening.

Builder's Skips

Builder's skips are probably the most popular type of skip that is used across the UK, and measures in at around twice the size of a mini skip with a size of six cubic yards. These skips do get used for domestic reasons; however, it is the commercial side of things where they are most popular, particularly in the construction waste business for site clearances.

  • CONVENIENCE: For projects where there is enough space for this kind of skip, they are incredibly convenient thanks to their increased capacity over the mini skip, meaning they won't have to be emptied as often, which in turn saves on transportation costs.
  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS: As mentioned, a builder's skip will save you money on transportation fees as the skip will not need emptying as frequently. Additionally, skips are rarely priced on their exact volume, and you will usually find a single builder's skip is cheaper than two mini skips, even though the amount of waste two mini skips can hold is roughly the same as one builder's skip.
  • POPULARITY: Though used domestically, the real popularity of the builder's skip lies in commercial work, such as construction on office buildings, or professional work on residential buildings.

RoRo Skips/Roll-On, Roll-Off

RoRo—which is an abbreviation of "roll on roll off", is a skip that is much larger than mini and builder's skips. Typically at least three times larger than a builder's skip, in fact, and as much as six times larger depending on the exact size of the skip! These skips are almost exclusively used for large commercial work due to their large size and can be referred to as commercial skip hire and is a total waste management service.

  • CONVENIENCE: Depending on the specific model, a RoRo skip can be low-sided or equipped with side panels that fold down for easier access. This is important for situations where the skip cannot be accessed from above since the sides would otherwise be too high to put waste in the skip.
  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS: While not especially cheap, RoRo skips are certainly more cost-effective than using smaller skips and frequently emptying them, and they are a more efficient use of space over getting several smaller skips.
  • POPULARITY: RoRo skips are almost unheard of in domestic settings, but they are very popular in the construction business, or any business with large quantities of waste to dispose of.

Midi Skip

A little larger than a mini skip, a little smaller than a builder's skip. Midi size skips are popular for domestic tasks such as kitchen remodelling, and landscaping. As a rough guide, a midi skip can hold around forty-five average-sized bags of waste.

Maxi Skip

At around twelve cubic yards, maxi skips are twice the size of the builder's skip and form an excellent middle ground between builder's skips and RoRo skips. They are useful for commercial sites, particularly where construction work is taking place.

Secure, Lockable Skips

Though skip hire is generally a very cost-effective way of disposing of waste, it does cost money, so it's understandable why you might be reluctant to let other people throw their rubbish in your skip when you still have waste to get rid of. Secure skips feature lockable doors that prevent others from putting waste in your skip without your approval.

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Ways to Reduce the Cost of Skip Hire With Your Waste Management Companies.

With a little knowledge and some smart decisions, you can easily keep the costs of your skip hire down when you get you skip hire quote.

Get Quotes, Shop Around

The first thing you should do when looking purchase any item or service is to shop around a little. Get quotes from a few different skip hire firms, and make sure you are getting a reasonable price. Try to get prices from four or five firms, as this will give you an accurate idea of how much the average cost is.

Donate, Sell or Recycle Waste

Not everything you don't want is trash. If you are disposing of old items that you no longer need but that are still usable, consider donating or selling them. And if they aren't worth selling, see if you can recycle them at your local waste recycling and waste solution recycling facilities.

Getting rid of items this way before you hire a skip can significantly reduce the amount of waste you need to dispose of, which in turn reduces the size of the skip you need, and price of hiring that skip will come down with it.

Items that you may be able to sell or donate include old furniture, fittings, garden ornaments, and much more.

Recycling has many benefits beyond just saving you some money on your skip hire;

  • SAVE ENERGY: A lot of energy (and money) is expended in extracting natural resources when we could be reusing the resources we have already extracted by recycling.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: With around eighteen million tonnes of CO2 saved in the UK alone thanks to recycling, this is a significant way we can help to protect our environment.
  • CONSERVE RESOURCES: By reusing materials that have already been extracted and refined, we not only protect the environment from further damage, but we also conserve those resources for the future.

Despite these advantages, many people do not recycle. And it is not hard to see why;

  • Recycling is not the most convenient activity, and the fact that it is often seen as a lot of work is a big part of why people do not recycle more.
  • Many people do not adequately separate different items when recycling, instead opting to throw everything into the same bin. Having a separate bin for recyclable items can help in this respect.
  • There is a general sentiment in society that recycling is a waste of time, and doesn't really help anything. The truth is that recycling is a significant weapon in the war against global warming.

Recycling needn't feel like a chore. With a bit of planning and the right frame of mind, you can not only help protect the environment but bring your skip hire costs down as well.

Book Ahead of Time

Though not always the case, some skip firms will offer discounts for booking in advance. Or, perhaps more accurately, penalties for booking at the last minute. Whichever way you look at it, it means more money if you wait until you need the skip to get it ordered.

Avoid Council Permits Where Possible

You may not be able to avoid putting your skip on public land, but if it is at all possible to place your skip on your own property, you can save money on the permits, if you live in a region that would require them. You can also make use of your skip hire firm's wait policy if your waste is already heaped up and ready to go, which will help you avoid the extra cost of a permit.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Removal

Many skip hire firms have a strong commitment to recycling as much of the waste they collect as possible—as much as eighty to ninety percent. Once recyclable material has been sorted out, the rest is often disposed of in landfills.

Recyclable items include (but are not limited to);

  1. Metal
  2. Wood
  3. Soil
  4. Plastic
  5. Organic Waste
  6. Furniture

How Long Can You Hire a Skip For?

With the advent of unlimited term skip hires, there is no limit on how long you can hire a skip, it all depends on what your skip hire firm offers. Skip hire periods are typically between one day and two weeks. Skips are often collected as soon as you are finished since the skip firm will be eager to get the skip emptied and onto the next job.

Safety Measure to Consider When Using Skips

Most of the safety precautions while using the skip will be down to the hirer, which could be you or your contractors. If you break your ankle climbing on top of it, that will be your own fault.

However, when the skip is collected, it is on the skip hire firm to ensure total safety for you, them, and any road-users. That means they will not take a skip that has significant bulging due to being over-filled. They also will not take skips in which the waste has been stacked too high.

It also helps from a safety standpoint—for you and the skip provider—to keep heavier items in the bottom of the skip, where they can't fall out and injure someone or damage property.

Naturally, anything that may be dangerous in a harmful gas or explosive reaction kind of way is a strict no from your skip provider.

If your skip is being placed in a public place, especially if that public place is a road, it may be necessary to surround the skip with some kind of warning, such as amber lights or reflective cones. This should help prevent accidents. In most regions, it will fall to the skip provider to ensure this is done.

Similarly, it is also down to the skip provider to ensure that the skip does not block any utilities or public or private access. That means not putting the skip on manhole covers, or in front of gates.

Get the Most Out of Your Skip Hire Management Companies

Once you have your skip and you are ready to get going, it's worth taking a moment to think about how you will use your skip. We mentioned ways of saving money on your skip hire, but making sure you get the utmost use out of your skip is another way of effectively saving money.

Load Your Skip Smartly

Many people get a skip and just dump their waste in without a care in the world. Try to resist this urge. Think of it like packing a lot of luggage into a car; the less space there is in between items, the more you will fit in. Make the most of your cubic yard skip when you skip arrived make sure it inc vat even for domestic projects.

Break Items into Smaller Pieces

While breaking an item into smaller pieces doesn't make it take up less space, it can allow you to occupy that space more intelligently. For example, something like a door is wide and flat and will be difficult to stack items around if it can't be laid flat, as it likely wouldn't be in a smaller skip. If it is broken up, however, it can be strategically placed wherever is best.

Give Yourself Time

Don't be in too much of a rush to send the skip back. Keeping it on your property for a little while will give you time to make sure you have disposed of everything you need to.

What NOT to do With Your Skip Hire

Now that we've told you what to do with your skip, it is only fitting that we cover what you shouldn't do. Here are some mistakes that you could make with your skip.

Don't Overfill Your Skip

One of the more common mistakes people make when hiring a skip is trying to get too much into it. It's understandable to want to squeeze the most value for your money out of your skip, but there would be consequences if you fill it too much, such as fines from your skip provider.

Try to get a skip size that suits your needs. Don't go overboard, but be reasonable. If you have enough waste to fill a maxi skip, don't order a mini skip!

Think About Where You Put Your Skip

As we've covered, the ideal position for your skip would be on your own property, where you won't have to pay for a permit, and where it won't be in the way of the general public.

If that is not possible, try to ensure your skip is as out of the way as possible and causes minimal inconvenience to your neighbours or nearby businesses.

Keep Prohibited Items Out of Your Skip

The prohibited items mentioned above should be kept well clear of your skip. If you attempt to sneak them into your waste, or accidentally put them in, you could end up with a significant fine.

Skip hire is not the only waste removal service in the UK, but it is one of the most popular due to the convenience, and the fact that you can get a significant amount of waste removed all at once.

The wide range of sizes available makes skips ideal for several applications, from residential to commercial projects, with hire periods to suit your needs.

The fact that skip providers are often eager to get their skips back means that they are usually collected promptly, so you won't need to worry about a skip full of waste languishing on your property for weeks after you are done with it.

No matter what job you have in mind, and no matter what time frame you are working to, you can get excellent value for money on waste disposal in the UK with skip hire. Keep your home or business tidy, protect your loved ones or employees from health issues, and save money thanks to the great deals on offer.


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